Marketplaces are in our DNA, and the key technologies behind them are at the heart of everything we do.

Xchange technology is specializing on digital assets and crypto/NFT marketplaces. It combines state-of-the-art trading and auction technologies with integration of various APIs for liquidity providers and regulatory bodies.

Xchange provides turn-key technology and connectivity solutions for all types of market participants ranging from individual traders to broker-dealers and ECNs.

Xchange Marketplace is a comprehensive SaaS platform for managing marketplaces in the cloud.
It supports all types of mobile and desktop devices, as well as the variety of the server-side integrations.



Xchange Marketplace is an enterprise-grade price aggregation, execution and back office platform. It is utilizing leading technology stacks such as MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js) to provide a scalable, reliable and fast solution.
Thus, our Price Aggregation Engine and Trade Auditor are built on our proprietary price analysis and decision making algorithms employing the cutting edge science of Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence.

Digital Assets is a fast-paced market where milliseconds count. Our unique algorithms allow for processing huge volumes of price data and make the order decision instantly. We host our servers in enterprise grade data-centers with the lowest possible network latency to the major market liquidity providers, which allows us to deliver the trading orders almost immediately.

Our technology is standard based, but employs flexible architecture, which simplifies future development and continuous enhancement of the system. Its open nature with a support for multiple standards provides for virtually unlimited integration possibilities with third party products and services.

We pay special attention to fault tolerance and load balancing to assure the highest level of service availability. Our server applications are fully clustered, thus delivering constant performance and fast fail-over. Our scalable implementation allows us to process tens of thousands of orders per minute. All critical hardware and network components are carefully selected and maintained in the cloud to provide the highest level of redundancy.

Xchange technology was created by highly skilled developers with decades of experience in software development for financial markets. Xchange Marketplace is operated and supported by a proactive and experienced team of system administrators.


Xchange is brought to you by a New York based iTECH Consulting Services LLC built by top software engineers and business management professionals with decades of experience in innovative business technologies.

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Product, R&D

Anatoly Tkach

Product, Operations

Eduard Yususpov

BD, Finance


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